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Die komplette Seite ist die offizielle Webseite der Fuggie-Kleidung aus Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony. Auf der Website erfährt man alle wichtigen Informationen zu dem Produkt.


She's shivering with a duvet wrapped around her. He's sweating with a raging hard-on.

Sound familiar?

It's one of life's cruel mysteries. Women are perpetually cold. Men are perpetually up for action. The missionary position in the bedroom can get boring and take the spontaneity out of your sex life. Now she can enjoy warmth and comfort anywhere around the house, and he can enjoy what he deserves.

Introducing the blanket with glory holes!

It might look like an old, assless overcoat on back-to-front, but this will be the best money you ever spend... GUARANTEED!!!!

Buy now or we will plague you with pop-up ads and spam until your dying day.

Let's face it. Blankets weren't designed for sex. They move around a lot and your arms get trapped inside, which prevents you from enjoying a reach-around. Plus they are a safety hazard. Men have been known to asphyxiate and die from lack of oxygen while under blankets trying to please their mate. The Fuggie not only has sleeves for your arms, but convenient holes lined with luxurious fleece near your private areas allowing for easy, unrestricted access.

The Fuggie comes in one size fits all! Your entire family can wear the Fuggie and look like they belong in a medieval monastery. The Fuggie is great for single men too! We've all been there... Those long winter nights sat alone in front of the TV, drinking whiskey and spanking one out to cosmetics commercials. With the Fuggie you can stay warm AND still see your junk in all its glory. And it's machine-washable!

Q: Can't I just wear a bathrobe backwards and cut a hole in the crotch? A: No, that's tasteless.

Q: Is the Fuggie good for the elderly? A: Yes, and perfect for the incontinent.

Q: Are there Fuggie fan clubs? A: Yes! Many couples enjoy Fuggie Bar Crawls, where after a few drinks everyone goes back to a hotel room.

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